Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fall leaves

We're alive! Just super busy (isn't everyone?), but I really am going to attempt to catch up on the blog. We have 2 trips I haven't even blogged about yet! But for now I wanted to do something recent.

Just over a week ago we drove up to American Fork canyon to see the leaves. (Just in time too, since it snowed up there just a few days later.)

It was gorgeous up there!!!

We stopped at Cascade Springs, which I don't think I've ever seen before, and absolutely loved it. The cascading waterfalls there are breathtaking!

Chase kept trying to run away, but he held still for a minute when we told him to fold his arms.

Derek gave Chase this leaf and he clung to it for quite a while. It made an appearance in several picture attempts, ha ha.

He let go of the leaf right after this picture as we were leaving.

Aren't the leaves incredible?!

I love this picture but the shadows on our faces just ruin it.

Isn't autumn a glorious season? It just seems to fly by though.