Sunday, March 30, 2008


The kids aren't the only ones who have fun together, my sisters and I had a great time too!

Here we are at one of Charlotte's bridal showers (this was before Tamara arrived):

Two nights before Char's wedding just my sisters and I got together and went to Cold Stone. We had such a great time, although we did have a hard time getting a great picture of all of us. It was hysterical, we first got a picture of the counter that was next to us:

And then a picture of Robyn's sleeve. :)

Finally somone offered to take one for us, and it actually worked!

And here we are at Charlotte's reception:


Ethan and Julia have had so much fun the past couple of weeks-- their cousins have been in town!

Tamara and Robyn and their families were here for Char's wedding, it was so much fun seeing everyone! When I was growing up we always loved going to family get-togethers because that meant that we could play with our cousins. My kids don't have any cousins that even live in the same state as us, so it's lots of fun when they come to visit!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Julia's new hair

Julia has been asking for a very long time now to get her hair cut. I loved it long, but it was always getting food (or toothpaste) in it, and always getting tangled. So on Tuesday we went to Evan's and she got her hair cut! We originally told them to cut 4 inches off, I think they cut more than that but her hair does look very cute short.
This is the before picture, you can kind of see how long her hair is here.

And here is her new hair!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Twilight movie trailer

For everyone who has read the Twilight series, the movie is coming out in December. If any of you will be here for Christmas we should to see the movie together!! Here's the trailer (there's actually several different trailers on youtube):

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Quentin!!

Today is Quentin's 26th birthday, happy birthday Quen! Everyone was telling him that he was old. I say he's not, he better not be since I'm 5 1/2 years older than him! Here's Quen and Sharisse at dinner.

Quen with a birthday book from Grandma Hill.

This we all went in on, but mostly he bought it himself.

And we even got a shot of the whole fam before we all had to leave.

This is a picture Julia took of the remainder of the birthday cake. :)

We hope you had a great birthday Quentin!!!

*****And those who want to see some of Char's bridal pictures can look here. They turned out great!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Harry Potter wands

A few months ago we were at the mall with the kids and they convinced us to go into the toy store. Of course we didn't leave empty-handed. Ethan got Yugioh cards, a new obsession of his, and Julia got a Harry Potter look-alike wand. When we got home Ethan convinced Julia to let him use her wand, and unfortunately he ended up accidentally breaking it. We glued it but it broke again today, so we decided to make our own Harry Potter wands. A friend of mine made some this past summer with her kids and they looked very authentic, so we gave it a try. The instructions are here. The kids had a great time making them, and they turned out pretty well!

Ethan made a Voldemort wand, and Julia made a Harry Potter wand.

Here they are close up. If you click on this you can see the details better.

We found another kind of Harry Potter wand that we tried out tonight. The kids, of course, now have to watch Harry Potter. :)

These are the newest ones that we made. These are made from paper, glue, and paint!!

And the kids wanted a picture with them all together. They are very cool!

Kristen is an amazing violin player!

Last week we went to Mountain View's concerto night to hear Kristen play with the Orchestra. She did an awesome job!Here she is playing, you can see my Dad conducting next to her.

And here are all the soloists from that night.

Here's a little clip, she did so great!

Happy Birthday Grandma Hill!

So I am two weeks late posting this, but on Februay 18th Grandma Hill turned 85 and we had a birthday party for her at John and Ange's house. We love you Grandma!! The girls helping her blow out her candles.

Grandma with her cake.

(And happy birthday to Robyn too, but we don't have any pictures of that since she's in Ohio.)