Monday, November 5, 2012

New house

I had a few people asking when I was going to post pictures of the new house, so I'm finally getting around to doing it!  Now I am not done decorating, organizing, or even unpacking.  But this is how everything looks at the moment.  When you walk in our front door we have a formal living room on the right (our piano room), and a formal dining room on the left.  And you can see straight into the family room which is at the back of the house.  Piano room:
Dining room:
Looking through the dining room from the entry near the garage, you can see our entryway and our piano room:
This is our family room from above, it is at the back of the house (and I just realized that there is an extra toy sitting on the mantel that is not usually there, so ignore the object on the far left):

Our kitchen, which is right next to the family room at the back of the house:
Looking from the kitchen into the family room:
(Sorry about the awful lighting on this one) Kitchen from opposite corner:
Back yard and fence which we just barely got finished a few weeks ago:

Main floor bathroom:
Derek's office/ guest room (definitely still needs some work!):
Well that's the main floor, minus the little entry by the back door which will be getting hooks for jackets and coats soon.  Our basement is unfinished, and I'll get pics of the upstairs soon.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Happy Halloween!

I promise I have not forgotten that I have a blog!  Moving was just overwhelming, and I just didnt know quite how to catch up.  But I'll try to post current stuff, and maybe go back and do highlights of the summer. 

This Halloween for the first time ever I had kids who all went with one theme!  I'm sure Ethan wouldn't wear something like this next year, so it will probably be the only time ever.  Introducing our Angry Birds!  Yes I did make the costumes, and if you looked closely I'm sure you'd be able to tell, but they look decent if you're a way off.  :)
 Halloween night is my sister Kristen's birthday.  Every year we do a birthday dinner for her, and this is the first year that we hosted it at our house.  (Wish I had pictures of everyone but I was a bit preoccupied.)  It was so much fun having everyone over. 

Our older kids went trick or treating with their friends right after dinner and gifts.  And Char and Andrew and I took Chase, Daphne, and Olivia out together not long after.  The kids were so cute.  Chase cheerfully said "see you later" as we left each house.  At one house after receiving his candy he just stood there and waited for more because he could see that there was plenty left, lol.  And my favorite moment of the night was when he heard someone's spooky Halloween sounds and asked if it was "Merry Christmas."  We told him that it was "Happy Halloween."  At the next house we visited he went up and said "Trick or treat, Halloween," and after getting his candy said "thank you, Halloween," and patted the man on the hand.  He was cracking me up all night!  Soon after we decided to walk up a hill to some houses, and he wanted to go down the hill.  He was not happy about it.  He had a huge meltdown and I ended up carrying him home, where the meltdown didn't stop.  Finally after throwing him in the bath he calmed down and we were able to finish off the evening happily. 
Overall it was a fun Halloween, and we had SO many more trick or treaters here than in our old neighborhood.  Check out the spooky moon coming over the mountain as we were out trick or treating:
Hope you all had a great Halloween too!