Friday, November 4, 2011

Trick or treating!

Like in previous years my kids had some costume changes this year.
Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures at the trunk or treat because Chase was not cooperating.
But I did manage to get some on Halloween night.

Chase started out as Elmo,
but he didn't like the heavy Elmo head
on top of his head.
(Can you tell?)
So he had a little costume change before we went trick-or-treating.

Chase as Elmo, Ethan as a soccer player, Julia as a Revolutionary War soldier, and Daphne as a princess.
Luckily I had this little dinosaur costume from when Ethan and Julia were little, and it fit chase perfectly. We went trick-or-treating with Char and Andrew, Daphne, and Kristen, so we had more adults than kids. The kids were great, and the weather was amazing!!
Chase didn't quite understand what he was supposed to do at first. He would carry his little bucket and march right up the steps holding Ethan's hand, and then want to go back down before he got any candy.

But he caught on quickly and would walk up the steps, put his bucket down, grab a piece of candy from the person's bowl, put it in his bucket and go back down the stairs. His little dinosaur tail wagged from side to side as he walked, it was sooooo cute! And he held firmly onto his bucket the whole time!

Here they are at the end of the night. It was way past Chase's bedtime, can you tell?