Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Rockin his hat

Typically Chase will not wear a hat, especially something designed to keep him warm or protect him from the sun.

But when he finds dad's hat he's all over it.

Rocking "his" hat

And he is talking so much more now. I love this age-- when they can start to communicate and not just cry for everything they want!

Here are some of his words:

go goes = The Wiggles (one of his favorite shows!!)
ehmoot = elephant (he's totally obsessed with elephants right now)
baaa = sheep
woaw = dinosaur
emo = Elmo
ehnie = Ernie
Bewt = Bert (yes, he's a big Sesame Street fan too!)
BB = Big Bird, or blankie, or baby
cume = vacuum
taw = guitar (he loves playing with Julia's guitar even though he's not supposed to)
sthehs = downstairs
wewo = hello (it's soooo cute when he pretends to talk on the phone!)
yuh = Julia
E = Ethan
a dah? = what's that? (he's so curious and wants to know what everything is)

He has mastered OK, uh oh, and of course NO!