Sunday, June 27, 2010

Other St George activities

We do take breaks from hiking and swimming while in St George.

The kids got a kick out of drinking their root beer from these glass bottles

We enjoyed dinner at Red Lobster.

And had a yummy lunch at SmashBurger

We spent some family time playing games and watching dvds at the condo.

Ready to play Monopoly Deal!

And we spent an afternoon at the movies!

We give it 2 thumbs up!!!

The hardest part of our trip with little Chase was in the car.
He did not like sitting in his car seat for long.
We even had the kids turn on a movie for him to see if it would stop him from crying.
He totally watched it for a while-- at least it was a little distraction.
We had such a fun trip, but in the end we were glad to be back home.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Zion National Park

Every time we go to St George we go to Zion's, we just can't stay away. It's too amazing!

Chase, all ready for hiking

Riding the bus to the trail

We did our favorite hike to the Upper Emerald Pools yet again.

Chase did amazingly well. He stayed in the carrier during all of our hikes and hardly made a peep. He slept most of the time, but when he was awake he seemed to be enjoying the view.
We used a carrier cover to protect from the sun. I was worried that he'd be too hot under it, but he hardly broke a sweat (he's been much sweatier napping under a warm blanket).

During our breaks he wore this hat to protect his little head from the sun.
It is HUGE on him!

Ethan adores Chase! (So does Julia.)
They loved our short breaks because it gave them a chance to hold him.

But Julia did take advantage of the soft sand at the top of the Emerald Pool hike.

Heading back down the trail

What great scenery!

The Middle Emerald Pool on our way down

Here we are at the bottom of the trail on the bridge.

Heading back to the Visitor's Center on the bus.
Chase hates riding in the car, but seemed fine on the bus since someone was holding him!

We had so much fun on our hike that the kids wanted to go back again.
We decided to do the Watchman Trail on our second day there--
one that we haven't done before.
It was super crowded on the other trails,
but this one had hardly anyone hiking on it at all.
We saw only a few other people the entire trail,
and no one else was at the top while we were there.

Our great little hikers

This trail was on the opposite side of the canyon,
and had some different views.

Here's Chase enjoying the hike

There were no pools at the top of this trail,
but there were some spectacular views.

There were some big dropoffs at the top of this trail.
Luckily the kids are old enough to stay away from the edge!

The only shade at the top of the trail-- here we are taking a short break

Heading back down the trail...

Can you spot the kids?

At the bottom of the trail

The river was a bit cold, but it felt like heaven after our long, hot hike.

Julia has no fear. Derek told her that she could jump in at this spot so she did it:

The deer we spotted on our way back to the car

As Julia said, "The point is to spend quality time together."
And she's right!