Thursday, April 24, 2008

Back from Florida

We're back from Florida and we had a great time! It was so fun for the kids to see their grandparents, and they even made some new friends.
The first few days Derek was working on some projects at their house, so Susan, the kids, and I got to do some fun activities on our own.

This is on the little roller coaster at Adventure Landing in Jacksonville.

The weather was warm enough to swim for the beginning of our time in Jacksonville.

Ethan liked warming up on the side of the pool.

And we made it to the beach before it cooled down. It was a perfect beach day!

And I even got a picture of Ethan, who hates having his picture taken.

Check out their cool sand castle.

And then they added a sand dragon.

Here are some of Ethan and Julia's new friends-- Michael and Jacob. They came to dinner with their parents, who are from the Ukraine, and the kids had a great time.

Another pic with Michael and Jacob.

We even got a little hike in at Castaway Island, a small nature preserve really close to Buzz and Susan's house.

This is also at Castaway Island, we got there at low tide and we were able to see little hermit crabs all over the place.

Ethan decided he needed a closer look and fell into the mud, see his feet and legs?

We took Grandma Susan miniature golfing at Adventure Landing, and I think she won.

When the weather was cooler we took a trip to the Jacksonville Zoo and met up with some friends. Julia loved having Ruthanne there, thanks for meeting us there Carla!

Here's Ethan feeding the giraffe. Julia had a turn too, but I missed it.

The kids even got to feed some birds!

Derek and the kids with Grandma Susan right before we left.

Here's our attempt at getting another great family picture at the beach, thanks Grandpa Buzz!

Grandpa Buzz took us to the driving range and the kids had fun hitting some balls, and missing some balls altogether.

The last part of our trip we stayed in Orlando at Regal Palms. We've stayed there twice before and we love it so much we keep going back. It is starting to get quite crowded at the pool area though. Here the kids were ready to jump in the lazy river.

Julia and her friend from the pool, Briney Meyer from London.

Even though we didn't do a park this trip we wanted a tiny bit of a Disney experience, so we went to Downtown Disney.

Julia was very pround of writing her name with Legos at the Lego store at Downtown Disney.

Here Julia is in front of a dragon made entirely from legos!

Julia with Buzz Lightyear and Grandpa Buzz.

This was our last day at the pool. We had a great trip and even came back with a little tan.

Here's a link to all of our pictures (I hope it will work).

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Char's wedding

The day of Charlotte's wedding was freezing! It was super windy, I was glad that we didn't have to be in too many pictures outside (but I did feel bad for Char and Andrew who had to stay out there in the freezing wind).

This was right after they came out of the temple.

All of the Hendriksen side of the family at the temple.

All of the Hendriksen side at the reception.

All of the bridesmaids.

The quartet, they sounded great!

Tamara and baby David.

Robyn on the flute, aren't the girls so cute watching her?!

The cake.

Char and Andrew cutting the cake.

Here's Melodie catching the bouquet!

My cute sisters!

Julia with Aunt Char.

Silly Ethan and Julia.

Grandma Hill and Char, right before they left.