Thursday, February 12, 2009

Far World

Last week Ethan came home with a flier from school-- not an uncommon experience. This time it was a flier about a new book called Far World by J. Scott Savage. The author was going to be at Deseret Book that night and the kids could get a free poster, and the book was also half off. I hadn't heard anything about the book but Ethan's teacher had told him he would like it, and he was determined to go. I finally gave in and we drove to the mall to see the author.

Ethan started reading it the next day.

He told me he liked it more than Harry Potter- HUGE praise from this boy!

He finished the book in 3 days and can't wait for the next one to come out. Unfortunately the next book doesn't come out until September. My poor little bookworm just can't wait!

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Christa said...

Tyler is my bookworm. He reads all the time. What is this one about? If Ethan likes it better than Harry Potter and it's along those lines, I'm sure Tyler would love it too.