Monday, June 29, 2009


The amazing rainbow we got when the sun peeked between the clouds

The day of Summerfest was cold and rainy,
and it just happened to be my birthday as well.
We got this huge microburst and we weren't sure that the rides would still be open. We wouldn't have minded skipping this year, but the kids really wanted to go. When the wind and rain stopped we decided to go check it out. The rides were open (we were worried they'd have to shut down) so we got in line and Derek ran over to the ticket booth to buy ride tickets.

On the Ferris wheel

At the top of the ferris wheel

Look at all of those rainbow roofs!

The kids decided to go over to the more serious rides on the other side of the park.
Last year Derek took Ethan on those rides but Julia wasn't tall enough.
So now that Julia was able to go too he decided that I should go with them and he'd watch.
After riding the gravitron and the tornado I understood why he'd opted not to ride.
I was dizzy for a long time!
After that we were all happy to go sit and watch the parade.
The rainbow at the parade

We did leave a few minutes early since it started raining.
But overall we lucked out and missed the worst weather of the day.
And we had a great time!
And I'm glad we went, it has kind of turned into a tradition.


Heather S. said...

Happy Birthday! (Sorry I'm a little late...) The summerfest is a tradition for me too! I love the summerfest!

Happy Wanderers said...

That looks like fun! And what a pretty rainbow! You know, I've never, ever seen a rainbow here. I commented about that to Devin yesterday, and he said it was because they had no promise here that it wouldn't ever flood again. Ha ha... It does flood here, and often, but not quite Noah-ish.