Monday, September 28, 2009

Fall Hike

The red in the mountains has been beckoning us,
so tonight we went up to the canyon for family night.

It was the absolute perfect time to go!

The leaves were just breathtaking everywhere we looked.

It was nice getting out and spending some time together!

When we made it to Timpanogos Falls there wasn't another soul in sight!
We took a little break and enjoyed our picnic dinner.

And eventually we headed back down.

If you haven't been up to see the leaves yet then hurry and go,
it is totally worth it!!


Holly said...

We just went up last week and it is soooo pretty! I love the changing of the leaves! Your pictures are really beautiful. You must always be the photographer (just like me), I am never in any of the photos and I don't see you either. I guess that's the mom's job :)!

Christa said...

Beautiful pictures! I was just thinking we needed to do something like this before it was too late.

Ashley Hall said...

Those pictures are gorgeous! We were just talking yesterday about how we want to do that this weekend. What a fun FHE!

Jeanie said...

Wow! It is beautiful up there! The fall colors are amazing.

The Weavers said...

Great pics! What a fun day!