Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Can I start this week over?

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!! Hope you had a wonderful day
with the ones that you love. We did!
Leading up to this week everything was going smoothly.
My sweet husband brought me these beautiful flowers for Valentine's Day
as well as some yummy chocolates (love him!!!).

Ethan made an Ipod Valentine box and won a contest at school for the most creative Valentine box. It was easy to make too! We just used some wrapping paper turned backwards to wrap the box, and attached the front papers for the screen and controls. Ethan added the art on the back, and Derek threw a small radio inside so it would actually play music (everyone loved that!).

Well this week hasn't gone so well.
We started out at the dentist on Monday. Both kids have cavities. Multiple cavities.
(We are so grateful for dental insurance!!!)
I knew I should have taken them in months ago
but I kept pushing it off.
So of course I feel like the worst mom ever
and the kids will need lots of dental work done.

I was going to take the kids out for lunch after the dentist on Monday
but we came home and they started fighting.
So we decided not to reward their fighting
and we stayed home for lunch.
This of course resulted in 2 very unhappy kids.
Julia threw a huge fit screaming from her room
"WE ARE GOING TO CARLS JR!!!!!!" over and over.
Um, I don't think so!
When they finally calmed down enough to eat something
they started getting along much better.
I guess we should have had lunch earlier!

Construction on the basement closet is coming along
but we are now at the sanding stage.
That drywall dust is the worst!!!
And it's all over the whole house.
I'm not going to bother dusting yet
because the sanding isn't quite done.
So if you come over and notice
thick white dust all over everything in my house
please just ignore it.

Our dryer died yesterday.
It would still rotate,
but the heat wouldn't work.
It is really old
so we ended up getting a new one last night.
Yay that we were in time
for the Sears President's Day sale!!!
But what a pain getting the old one out
and the new one in.
Any brilliant ideas on what to do with the old one?

And to round out the week
yesterday I went to the doctor
and they told me that I do indeed have gestational diabetes.
SO not happy about this.
I have to go talk to a dietician tomorrow.

I am hoping that the rest of the week will be better.


Shannon said...

Sorry to hear about the gestational diabetes. I have barely passed that lovely glucose test a few times now. Good luck with the dietician. I love seeing the pictures of you pregnant! You are positively glowing. I am so excited about this sweet new baby coming to your family!

I am glad to hear you had a great Valentine's Day!

Christa said...

I'm so sorry about the gestational diabetes. I've never had to deal with that one. Good luck!

scrambled brains said...

Shoot, Rosie! I am so sorry you're having a crappy week. If you take your old dryer to a metal recycling place (there is one on Geneva road MCR Recycling I think) they will give you a few dollars, and you'll be rid of the bulk as well. I am sorry that you have gestational diabetes!! I hope it is easy to control and that you will be restored to good health as soon as your little boy is born. If I can help in any way, please let me know.

Crystal said...

I hope you have a better week too. Sorry about the bad one. Good to know we all experience those.

Hansens said...

THere is a place called Best Buy appliance on State Street and like 600 north, next to a floral shop. He takes most everything, and sometimes will pay you for it.

Sorry about the diabetes. It stinks, but it will all be over soon.

Holly said...

Oh Rosie! I'm so sorry! I was sure that you were going to pass. That stinks! I hope everything goes well with the dietician. Let me know if I can help in any way. I hope your week gets better :)!

Malinovka said...

Oh, Rose, I'm so sorry! What a horrible week! At least there was one silver lining with the Presidents' Day sale. Oh, man. I really hope things get better, and that the gestational diabetes won't be too much of a pain to deal with!

Brenda said...

Sorry to hear your having such a crazy week. Let me know if there is anything we can do. I hope all goes well today!

Christensen's said...

:( Sorry to hear about your gestational diabetes. Sounds like a busy place at your house. I was sad to hear that your older children still throw tantrums. I was looking forward to getting past that soon with mine. I guess I still have a lot of years ahead :)

Charlotte said...

Oh no!! I'm so sorry you have gestational diabetes! What a horrible ending to an already frustrating week! I hope that things start getting better! At least your pregnancy will be over soon. And you'll have a cute little baby! Yay!! :)

kristen said...

I'm so sorry! That does not sound fun.