Monday, March 15, 2010

14th Anniversary!

This past week Derek and I celebrated our 14th anniversary.
The day of our actual anniversary (the 8th) we spent the evening painting
and getting Julia's room ready.

But this weekend we were able to get away to Park City
and have our last little break before the baby comes.

Main Street in Park City

Downtown Park City has such a fun atmosphere!
We found a yummy place for our breakfast,
and they even had menu options that I could eat!
(Low carb for the gestational diabetes.)
Callaways Morning Ray was a little hard to find,
but definitely worth the search!

Main Street in Park City

We enjoyed our free time immensely!
We did lots of shopping,
went to the movies,
went out to eat,
watched movies at the condo,
and just had tons of fun spending time together
and relaxing!

And the scenery wasn't too shabby either!

(Thanks to my sister Char for arranging our accomodations!!)


Crystal said...

Happy Anniversary! Glad you got a nice break.

The Weavers said...