Friday, October 8, 2010

It's a wrap

Yes, we just wrapped up another soccer season.
Sadly I didn't get any great pictures,
I'll have to try to do better in the spring.

Ethan plays for the Phantoms,
and has some good friends on his team.
Ethan's favorite position is the goalie.
He used to hate being goalie,
but he has practiced tons with some friends this past year
and now he really loves it
and he's good at it too!
Derek and our friend Ty are the coaches for Ethan's team
and he has really enjoyed that.

(Ethan's team's shirts are actually black, but he prefers to wear his goalie shirt when he's the goalie-- it has padded elbows and has saved him several times already.)

Julia plays for the Blue Moonberries
or the Blue Lightning.
I think they haven't really decided which is their official team name.

Julia's game has dramatically improved as well
since she frequently plays against Ethan and his friends.
One game she scored 6 goals all by herself!

Yes, we are definitely a soccer family!

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