Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Florida Trip part 3: Aunt Joanne's

Buzz's sister Joanne moved to Florida earlier this year, and she's not too far away from Buzz and Susan. We were invited over for dinner one day while we were in town. We decided to head there early and visit her private beach because the kids were anxious to play in the waves again.

The waves were way bigger at her beach, and the current was really strong. We couldn't let the kids go too far out, it was just too rough.

But they had fun walking in the waves.

And looking for seashells.

When we decided that we were ready to leave the beach we headed to Aunt Joanne's house
and took advantage of the hot tub on her enclosed porch.

Chase and Grandpa Buzz

Susan, Aunt Joanne, Julia, and Ethan

Aunt Joanne even let the kids drive her golf cart (she lives right on a golf course).
I think this made her a hero in Julia's mind--
they LOVED it!!

Dinner was amazing,
and after we again took advantage of the hot tub.
We let Chase put his legs in (it wasn't too hot)
and he kept trying to jump in the rest of the way.

It was a fun day, and Chase even fell asleep right before we left and slept the whole way home and I was able to put him right to bed.
It was a nice change since he screamed most of the way home from St Augustine.

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