Thursday, January 20, 2011

Chase at 9 months

I missed Chase's 8 month post

so I'll sneak in a picture of him at 8 months

along with the 9 month pictures.

Eight months

9 months

He had his 9 month checkup earlier this month.
He now weighs 19 lbs 8 oz (45th percentile)
and is 30 1/4 inches tall (95th percentile).
I had a feeling that his percentile for his weight had gone down
because he seems to have really slimmed down a lot
since he started crawling.

He pulls himself up on everything. He stood on his own one day for about 15 seconds but doesn't do it on a regular basis yet. He is into everything!!! He loves to help me "unload" the dishwasher, as well as empty all the kitchen cabinets. Derek did get the child latches installed on the cabinets with the cleaners at least.

He is fascinated with doors and drawers. He'll push a door back and forth or open and close a drawer over and over. This can be dangerous sometimes though, he has gotten his fingers pinched a couple of times.

He also loves standing in the bathroom and unrolling the whole roll of toilet paper. Either that or ripping toilet paper into tiny little pieces resembling confetti.

He loves playing the piano! He usually will stand on his tip toes and play on the high end and low end of the piano since he can't reach in the middle with the piano bench there. One day he created his own stool by pushing the toy bus over to the piano. He was able to reach lots more of the piano but his mean mom didn't let him do it for long, I was worried it would roll and he would smash his face on the edge of the piano bench.

He loves looking at books. He will let me read to him if there's not too much text, otherwise he gets anxious to turn the page. One day during church he turned the pages of a board book over and over for SO long (probably 10 minutes). It was the best!

He is a messy eater, but will usually tolerate his baby food now. Sometimes I have to trick him with a Cheerio or Gerber Puff to get him to take a bite. And sometimes it helps to let him have his own spoon or bowl and I can sneak bites in while he plays (or while he throws it on the floor again and again).

Nice and clean after lunch!

He got this car for Christmas and loves it! But sometimes he likes pushing the handle better than riding in it.

We even took it to the grocery store one day because we knew he would tolerate the shopping trip better in his car.

He also loves our toy bus, and LOVES it when Julia or Ethan will take him for a ride on it.

But riding the bus can be tiring...

He thinks it's hilarious to do something if I tell him not to. He loves to try to eat my shoes because I always say no. He just giggles and giggles when I try to take them away.

He babbles a lot and knows how to say "dada," but hardly ever says "mama."
He claps and recently starting waving.

I have a hard time doing anything on the computer when he's around because he either closes my laptop or tries to hit the keys and messes everything up.

He just got his fourth tooth. His right top and bottom teeth came in before the left top and bottom, which is totally different than Ethan and Julia. They both got both bottom teeth first and then both top teeth.

He takes two naps a day, though they're not always very long. When he does happen to take a nap longer than an hour then he has started being difficult to put down for his second nap. One day he skipped his second nap altogether, but I'm really hoping that won't become a regular occurence quite yet.

When I make his baby food I use the food processor and he is totally afraid of it. The past few times I've used I put the food in the bottom then put the lid on and warned him I was going to turn it on. He hid his head in my shoulder and put his arms around my neck and held on tight, it was the sweetest thing. He does the same thing if he hears a loud noise in the house.

He loves playing with Ethan and Julia. This past week has been difficult, not just because the kids were sick but also because I had to keep Chase away from them and he really seemed to miss them.

This is how he greets me in the morning and after naps, he is so cheerful!


Kristen said...

I love the picture of him asleep on the bus. So cute!

Jeanie said...

He's SUCH a cute little boy! Growing up so fast!

Christensen's said...

He is so adorable! Isn't it fun to see how quickly they learn!

Sherry Ward said...

Lincs loves the dishwasher too. Chase is soooo stinkin adorable!