Friday, December 30, 2011

Thanksgiving recap

So for those who hadn't heard, Derek's parents recently moved from Florida to St George. We went there for Thanksgiving this year, and it was a different experience having it be fairly warm outside for Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving day while the turkey was in the oven we went for a walk and ended up near the fountains in downtown St George. Chase calls any water "a bah" (bath) and immediately wants to get in. The fountains were no exception. Now it wasn't freezing outside, but it wasn't very hot either (probably in the 60's), but he was determined. I finally just took off all of his clothes so he didn't freeze on the walk home.

He kept trying to grab the water, as if it was something he could hold.

And a few other members of the family decided the water didn't look so bad!

Here we are, ready to eat!

A cute picture of Chase "talking" on the phone, I had to include it.
The day after Thanksgiving Derek took his mom out fairly early to bargain shop for some new appliances for their house (they totally scored). That afternoon we headed to Zion National Park for a few short hikes. It was SO crowded! And it was a totally different experience being there in the fall. Normally when we go it is extremely hot, but this day it was fairly cold. There were some waterfalls in the river that aren't there in the summer when the water is higher.

Chase got ahold of a rock close to the beginning of our hike, and he held onto it until we headed back towards the car. Can you see it in his hand?

We also stopped by the ghost town near Zion's-- Grafton, before heading home.

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The Wilsons said...

Good for you to have them closer! But, bummer, we are moving to Jacksonville in about a year!