Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Fall Break

For fall break we had talked about going to Yellowstone. But there was supposed to be a snowstorm up there, and we weren't sure if the government shutdown would be over, so we decided to stay a little closer to home. We spent one night in downtown Salt Lake.
We visited Clark Planetarium, where there was lots more to see than we had expected.

We rode on Trax, which was a definite hightlight for Chase!
The next evening we visited Lagoon.  We were hoping that since it was open only from 5 to 10 that it wouldn't be too crowded.  There were tons of people there, but we didn't have to wait in any long lines, so it must not have been nearly as crowded as our previous trips.

We split up so one of us could go with Ethan and Julia on the big rides, while the other went with Chase on the small rides.  The kids had tons of fun!

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Kristen said...

I'm glad you go to do something fun for the break even though Yellowstone didn't work out!