Monday, October 20, 2014

Summer trip to St George

This summer was crazy busy for us. Not only did we have the usual activities the kids are involved in, we also finished our basement! (Pictures coming sometime soon.) Looking back it's all a blur. But we did squeeze in a quick trip to St George to visit Derek's parents, and do some hiking with friends.
Ethan was such a trooper and carried Chase during most of our hikes.

Of course we had to visit Zion National Park, we visit every year.  

upper Emerald Pool

It was HOT, so swimming in the river was a nice break from the heat.  

We also visited Snow Canyon and did a couple of hikes there.  

We visited the Brigham Young house, and the St George temple visitor's center.  

We enjoyed a night hike up above the city and enjoyed the views.  

And of course we spent lots of time at the pool!

It was such a fun trip, we were so glad we were able to fit it in before school started!


Christy Hansen said...

Derek's parents live in St George now?

Rosie and Derek said...

Yes, Christy they moved there probably 4 years ago. It's nice having them closer, but I do miss having a reason to visit Florida! ;)