Sunday, November 11, 2007

Ethan's Baptism

Ethan was baptized on Saturday, November 3rd. Derek and Ethan had to go to a scout activity at 9:00 at Home Depot, so they met us at the church at 9:45. It was a busy day! The meeting was wonderful, Melodie and Mom gave talks and they did a great job! Derek, Ethan, and Melodie had to leave soon after it had ended to go the the BYU football game. It was Ethan's first game, and he had a great time!
Here's Derek and Ethan right before the baptism.
And this is right after the baptism.


MikeH said...

Its so fun to see what is going on with pictures and the things you write. Thanks for doing this! -Grandpa-

Happy Wanderers said...

I can't believe that Ethan has been baptized!! Devin and I were watching the movie you made for us of our wedding (THANK YOU a million times over, by the way!!! It's such a fun thing to have!!), and we were watching you, Rosie, walking in circles with a 2 year old Ethan and Sanja! What fun! They just grow up so fast!!