Sunday, February 3, 2008

Endless snow... we actually used our fireplace!

Yes, we had 3 more snow storms this week, and as always there are more coming. This seems to be the winter of endless snow. The kids decided to climb up on the snow pile in between our house and the neighbor's house:

And we finally made a snowman! It's gone already though. No it hasn't melted... Ethan decided to knock it over.
This is the snow tunnel the kids were making.

And we actually used our fireplace! We haven't used it ever since we've had kids, so it's been over 8 years. The kids loved it!

Here's Ethan roasting marshmallows.

And Julia eating a s'more.

They both declared that it was the "best night ever". This is something that Julia says almost every day (well she says "it's the best day ever"), she is so excited by life. Ethan doesn't say it nearly as much so it was fun that he was having such an enjoyable time!

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kristen said...

I didn't know you had ever used your fireplace before. I'm glad that Ethan and Julia loved it! It sounds like you had a lot of fun.