Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

OK, first of all I want all of you to tell me your favorite love songs. I'm trying to put together a cd and I want more ideas.
I REALLY want Through My Veins by Richard Marx:

and How Can I Tell You by Cat Power (from the diamond commercial):

but neither of those are available.
Here is what I have (but I'm still not sure I'm going to use every single one of these):

Forever Tonight --by Peter Cetera
Faithfully --by Peter Cetera
Faithfully --by Journey
Have You Ever Been in Love --by Peter Cetera
Dreaming of You --by Selena
Open Arms --by Journey
I Want to Know What Love Is --by Foreigner
Unforgettable --by Natalie Cole
With Your Love --by Journey
All I Want is You --by U2
With or Without You --by U2
Angelia --by Richard Marx
Died in your Arms Tonight --by Cutting Crew
Amanda --by Boston
Because You Loved Me --by Celine Dion
Feels Like Home --by Chantal Kreviazuk
To Where You Are --by Josh Groban
Far Away --by Nickelback
Samson --by Regina Spektor
Everything I Do... --by Bryan Adams

I am skipping some Chicago and Richard Marx songs that remind me too much of Jr High. :)

And here are two of my Valentines!

Here they are getting their Valentines ready.

And here they just woke up this morning. Every morning to wake them up I turn on Curious George in our room and they come climb into our bed to watch it before having breakfast. They are holding their Valentine goodies from us.

And here is Julia in her Valentine's Day attire. Ethan wouldn't let me take one of him but he is wearing a red shirt today.

I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day, and remember that you are loved!!

Check out the valentines that Julia made for Ethan after school today:

The small one says, "Der Ethan I lav you cus you or a gd frend and you or speshl to me and you or nis to me sumtims. Lav Julia." In case you're not sure what it says-- Dear Ethan I love you cause you are a good friend and you are special to me and you are nice to me sometimes. Love, Julia.

She's in Kindergarten this year and I love how she's trying to sound out words that she doesn't know. How cute!


Malinovka said...

Julia's valentine is SO cute! That's so fun that you give your kids valentines. We were all so sick the past two weeks, that we didn't do much, so poor Mierae didn't even get a valentine. She made one for her best friend, though. :) I'm wondering which Chicago songs are too Jr High for you.... :) I still LOVE "Will You Still Love Me?" My other favorites are country, so let me know if you really want them... :)

Rosie&Derek said...

The Chicago songs that are too Jr High for me are Will You Still Love Me, You're the Inspiration, and We Can Last Forever (though not quite as much on the last one). And the Richard Marx ones are Hold on to the Nights, and Right Here Waiting. I still loved those songs from his concert, but don't want them on my cd. :)
I hope you guys are feeling better!!!

Malinovka said...

I should have guessed it would have been those songs... :) A lot of songs I love now are Keith Urban, Lonestar, Rascal Flatts, and Kenny Chesney. I love your compilation, though! I hope you get more ideas from others.

Happy Wanderers said...

Yea! Valentine's! How fun!
I can't believe how big Julia and Ethan are! Good grief!! Josh saw a picture of them and said, "Hey! There are my friends!" :)

kristen said...

That is so cute that Julia wrote Ethan that valentine! About the songs, the new Richard Marx cd is really good. You'll have to listen to it because there are a few on there that I bet would be good for your cd.