Thursday, April 16, 2009

Build a Bear

Julia has a thing for stuffed animals. She loves them. They are everywhere in her room. She plays with them all the time, and she has to sleep with them at night.

So it comes as no surprise that she wanted to go to Build a Bear. We've gotten out of it in the past, but she had saved her money and she finally talked us into taking her.

She chose a dog, one that they had just barely gotten stocked.

Cleaning and brushing her dog

Getting him dressed-- she chose a soccer uniform

Giving him a name and getting his birth certificate (she named him Rocky)

Julia and Rocky
She loved it!!!


Christa said...

Cameron has a frog he named Ribbit that he got 3 years ago. He still loves that frog like nothing else and will, on occassion, sleep with him. I think it's precious.

Charlotte said...

That's so cute! I think that place is such a good idea! I was thinking I might even want to go take a look sometime and see if I want anything there. :) I still love stuffed animals too.

Malinovka said...

That's so sweet!! I've been thinking of taking Mierae--maybe for her birthday this summer!! I think she would really love it. I'm glad Julia finally got the chance to go. Can't wait to meet Rocky! :)