Sunday, October 25, 2009

Stacation, part 2

Among all of our other activities during Fall Break we were also able to go see
Where the Wild Things Are.
The kids really liked it.
Derek did too.
I liked it but I didn't love it.
But it was still worth it.

And it didn't really feel like we were on vacation... until we spent the night at a hotel in Bountiful.

The kids had tons of fun swimming!

Our last day of Fall Break was spent at a place where we've never taken our kids:


They've been to Disneyworld tons of times, but never to Lagoon. We thought it was about time!

We were there for Frightmares, and the Halloween atmosphere was a lot of fun.

Julia on the carousel

A family shot near the entrace to the Spider!
(No, I didn't go on this ride.)

Derek and Julia on the Sky Tram

Julia had lots of fun running through the fountains,
and happily she didn't complain about being wet!

Julia loved driving!

And they both liked the Puff the Magic Dragon roller coaster.

We all got to ride on the train together-- one of the few rides I could go on.

(Ethan being a smart aleck)

We, of course, had to visit an occasional Spook Alley.
Some were especially scary for kids!

The kids had so much fun together!

But by the end of the day they were done with big rides.
Derek rode on the Colossus by himself.

We ended the day with these fun souvenirs.
They changed colors, made great sounds, and weren't a bad deal at $5.
I think we'll probably have to take them to Lagoon again next year,
they're already asking!

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The Weavers said...

Looks like you guys had lotsa fun! Believe it or not I've never been to Lagoon! When Ed realized that he wanted to go right away, but my tailbone was busted. Oh, well.