Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Ethan!

OK, so I'm a couple weeks behind on my posts, but I had to post about Ethan's birthday!
For Ethan's party we decided to take the kids to the movies to see G-Force.
Between our 2 cars we can fit up to 8 extra kids.
We sent out 10 invitations figuring that at least 2 kids probably wouldn't come.
Every single guest came, and 2 brought siblings!

We were SO glad that the weather was nice enough to have lunch outside!

The party started with pizza in the backyard.
And wow, those boys can eat!

Ethan received lots of fun gifts.
And we ended with brownies (Ethan's choice instead of cake) and ice cream.

We then loaded all of the kids into the cars.
Luckily my friend Alisha was able to drive too-- we just barely fit everyone.
Our group had 17 people!
We took up 3 rows of seats at the movies!
But everyone stayed put during the entire movie,
and they were all entertained.
It was an ideal movie for this age range.

It was very fortunate that we had counted everyone before the movie,
otherwise we would have left one boy in the bathroom when we were ready to leave.

Everyone ended up having a great time,
and it was a fairly easy birthday party.
The next day we had Ethan's family birthday party
at Grandma's house.
This time he had an actual cake,
and his choice of dinner-- lasagna.

He was very excited to get the new Far World book.

And he was also excited to receive money for his birthday!
He'd been saving his money, and he finally had enough to buy a PSP.

All in all I think he had a wonderful birthday.

Happy Birthday Ethan,

we love you!

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