Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sling Safety

Chase in a Ring Sling

So I've collected some baby slings over the past few years in the hopes that I'd be able to eventually use them. Yay that the time is finally here! Most of them are used from the FSOT (for sale or trade) board at thebabywearer, and are therefore much less expensive.
Chase isn't worn in a baby carrier all the time, but they can certainly come in handy if I need to actually get something done.

Recently I was questioned about whether or not the sling I was wearing was safe.
So I thought I'd share a little of the info I have about sling safety.

This is a bag sling:

This is the style of sling that was recently recalled. Some people are assuming all babywearing is unsafe. This is not true. Babywearing is absolutely safe and can be an amazing method of bonding and loving your child, when done properly. And with common sense.

Things to remember:
Your baby should be in a position similar to holding them in your arms
You should be able to kiss the top of their head
Your chest, back, or sling fabric should not obstruct baby's face
Do not wear a carrier that is too tight or too loose, or not properly fastened
Read and follow your carrier's instruction manual
Be aware of baby's temperature, don't let them get too hot or too cold
Do not perform any activities that you wouldn't normally do while holding your baby in your arms
Baby should never have his chin resting on his chest
Baby's head should be above the rest of her body
Baby's knees should be higher than his bottom
Baby's head should be supported

These are some of the slings that I've used with Chase:

Chase in a stretchy wrap (this particular one is an Anaju wrap, which is supposed to be more breathable than most stretchy wraps)

Stretchy wraps are great for newborns, but start to sag when the baby gets a little heavier. If you like wraps you'd want to switch to a woven style wrap when the baby is a little bigger.

Chase in an ETC sling

Chase in a Slinglings pouch sling

I love how easy pouch slings are to use!

There's a great article on correctly positioning your baby in a carrier here.
And if you're wanting to try out a ring sling, pouch, wrap, or mei tai
just let me know! :)


The Wilsons said...

Too cute Rosie! Glad you are getting to put those carriers to good use! Enjoy it because before you know it he will be wanting to move and not be snuggled up, ask me how I know!

Charlotte said...

Well I think Daphne is too big for all those types of slings now, but I'll have to try some others in the future with other babies I think. It would be really nice to be able to get more stuff done with my hands while holding a new baby! :)

ashleyboice said...

wow you really do have a lot of slings!

Heather said...

Good post. I've had many people come up to me about the safety of slings due to that report that came out. I researched it and it was more of a user error than a sling error!

I'll have to link to your post when someone else comes up to me.

Slings are the best, I couldn't survive without them! They're my third arm!