Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Soccer's over, or is it?

Well the official soccer season is over now. I only made it to a few games. I went to Julia's first game, hugely pregnant. The next day was Ethan's first game. I opted not to go to that one since I was in labor-- Chase was born 7 hours later. We continued having games for several weeks after he was born but I didn't want to take him out in the cold, so Derek and the kids went to all the soccer games without us until the very end of the season. I did attend Ethan's very last game. Chase stayed at Grandma's house during that one because it was windy and cold.
But we both made it to Julia's last 2 games (though that last one we watched from the warm car).
And that wrapped up soccer... or so we thought.

Derek wanted the kids to be able to practice soccer in the backyard without causing further damage to the shed. So he built this amazing soccer goal!

Ethan has become quite an accomplished goalie

The kids have used it!

Except 2 days ago of course, since we had 3 inches of snow in the backyard
at the end of May!

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Malinovka said...

Maybe this summer Ethan can convince Mierae soccer isn't so bad. :) She likes to play, she just doesn't like all the other kids competing for the ball!