Friday, June 25, 2010

Swimming in St George

Last week we took our annual trip to St George.
It's the one trip we take that's just us and we always have such a great time.
When we went last June we didn't know that we'd have an extra family member going with us this year!

We spend a huge part of our time in St George in the pool. The kids really improve their swimming skills the most during this trip because they have lots of time to practice.
We weren't sure how Chase would react to the pool, and I was worried about protecting him from the sun, so we kept him inside during our first few trips to the pool.
But we finally decided to give it a try one night when it was late enough that we didn't need to worry about sunburns.

He had no idea what was coming!

Here's his first reaction:

Nope, he didn't like it too well!

He was much happier out of the pool.

But we decided to give it another try anyway.
The next day we took him in again.

He screamed again when we first got in, but as soon as he got used to the water temperature he calmed down and even though he didn't love it he at least endured.

Ethan and Julia, however, loved every minute of our pool time!


Hansens said...

That is too funny! Poor guy. By this time next year he'll be swimming around like a fish.

Kristen said...

Haha. He has the cutest little scream!