Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fun stuff

June has been such a busy month for us! We've had the usual-- BBQs, summer movies, Primary Activity, and some fun get-togethers too.

A couple of weeks ago Derek's college roommate and friend Mike and his wife Jenny came into town. It's always fun getting together with them. They brought their 4 month old baby but the rest of the kids stayed at home in Ohio, so we were going to take our kids to Grandma's house while we went out with them. But then they found out that we had decided to go to In-N-Out. (Did you all know that there's now one open in Orem?) So we ended up taking them with us. Ethan had a double double burger and fries, and still wasn't full. That kid is a bottomless pit!

Derek and Mike (notice how Mike is slouching and Derek is on tip toes,
this is the only way for them to be the same height, lol)

Jenny and me with the babies


Another really fun thing I did this month was getting together with my sister and cousins for lunch one Saturday. Growing up we alway hung out together. There were so many times when they would ride the bus from Salt Lake to Orem and we would hang out at the mall.

So of course we decided to meet yet again at the mall.
We reminisced about being so poor that Katie and I would split a piece of pizza from Sbarro, and Tamara and Becky would split a Chick-Fil-A sandwich. (And Becky is now a Chick-Fil-A owner!)
We ate and relaxed and just caught up, it was so much fun.

Here we are at my bridal shower a long time ago, lol

We'll have to do it again soon girls!

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