Monday, May 21, 2012

On Moving Out

Well, we're out! We finished getting everything moved out of the house last weekend, and we closed last Monday. We saw signs of the new people at our old house on Tuesday. So weird!!! We're living with my parents right now until our house is finished in August.

Moving with a 2 year old is an adventure, let me tell you! Chase was pulling stuff out of boxes almost as fast as we were getting them in. And packing glass kitchen items? Nightmare! Luckily he was due for a nap before anything actually got broken. I'm now sure how everything survived.

Julia enjoyed having picnics on the dining room floor after the table and chairs were moved out:

Here's the last pile of boxes ready to head to our storage unit:

Chase is obsessed with Toy Story right now, and he watched it several times while we got everything out of the house. This was our last day there:

And they have indeed broken ground on our new house. We drove over yesterday to check out the progress and saw not only the hole, but also the footings for the foundation! Those weren't supposed to be in until today so they're a couple days ahead of schedule, yay!!



Malinovka said...

Such cute photos of Chase! He is sure growing up. Glad you survived the move. Now on to surviving the summer. :) So exciting that they're a little ahead of schedule on the house! Can't wait to see it in person. I hope they'll still be ahead so we can see it finished before we head back east.

Donna Weaver said...

What a great view you'll have of Timp--until they build houses across the street.

Moving is one way to force yourself to get rid of some things.