Sunday, May 6, 2012

This is the house that we are building. We looked and looked at houses for months, but never found anything that really worked for us. I found the floorplan for this house online and thought it would really be perfect for us, so in February we went up to Herriman to see the model home so see if it was as great in person as it looked on paper.   It was!   We continued looking at houses for a few weeks just to see if there was anything already built that was even close. There was nothing on the market that could compete, so we went for it!
So here we are 2 months later, moving out of our house.  We have lived in this house for over 14 years, and it's crazy how much stuff we have accumulated in that time.  Moving is THE WORST! I hate it, but I will be so excited when we finally get to move into our new house. They should be breaking ground on our new house within the next week and a half.  It should be done by the middle of August (crossing our fingers!) so in the meantime we will be moving in with my parents for the summer. I hope we don't drive them crazy!
And did I tell you that we met some of our new neighbors a few weeks ago?  I'm so glad that I will know somebody when we move in!!!

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