Sunday, August 23, 2009

Diving board fun

A few years ago the kids would never have even thought of jumping off the diving board at the pool. Last year one of Ethan's classmates was at the pool at the same time as us, and she convinced him to jump off. He has loved it ever since!

Julia didn't quite dare to jump off last summer (though she had no problem jumping into the deep end of the pool). She told us the reason this summer, and it was because they wouldn't let her wear her goggles when jumping off the diving board.
Derek told her he'd give her a dollar if she'd do it, so she finally decided to give it a try. She loved it! She kept going again and again, we had to convice her to stop.

Jumping off at the same time

Ethan jumping off

Julia jumping off, "Cannonball!"

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