Thursday, August 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Julia!!!

This post is way late, but now that the kids are back in school
I am trying to catch up on blogging!
Julia's birthday was on August 7th, and she turned 7.
Her golden birthday!

She had her birthday party on the day of her birthday, at Nickelcade.

The kids had a great time!
(And bonus-- I didn't have to clean anything up!)

Her Family party ended up being on the same day,
so this lucky girl got 2 cakes in one day!

Julia loved having cousins in town for her birthday!
And they loved helping her open her gifts!

She had such a fun day!
Thanks so everyone
who helped to make her day so special!
Happy Birthday Julia,
we love you!!

This is how she fell asleep after such a fun filled day. She sleeps like this most nights, lol.


Christa said...

Happy Birthday Julia! I hope your golden birthday was a great one.

I'm seriously considering combining Tyler & Cameron's friend birthday parties into one and going to Nickelcade. The no clean up thing is the biggest draw.

Crazy Lees said...

Waht a doll Rosie! She is such a beautiful girl! LOCK....HER....UP!Her day looks like it was tonz of fun...What a great idea!

kristen said...

I forgot it was her golden birthday! I guess having two parties in one day really does make it a golden birthday, though!
I also love that she sleeps like that every night. It is so cute!