Sunday, May 22, 2011

Soccer, we made it through again!

This spring the weather has been so yucky for almost all of the kids' soccer games. It was either snowing, raining, or super windy and freezing, so I kept Chase home for several of the games. When I did attempt to take him to some of our Saturday games in the cold I ended up having to leave early because he was not happy and needed to leave.
For the kids' last game of the season the weather ended up finally cooperating. It was beautiful and we made it through Julia's game, a short picnic lunch there, and Ethan's game-- finally!

Julia has done great this year, scoring several goals throughout the season. She plays soccer with Ethan and his friends so she really gets a lot of practice against some tough competition, and it shows!

Derek was Ethan's coach again this last season. I know Ethan really loves having him as a coach, and several of the kids from our team have asked how they can have him for a coach again next year, he does a great job.

Ethan has really gotten into soccer the past year or two and enjoys it a lot. His team always wants him to be the goalie because he does such a good job at it. He does really enjoy being goalie, though he does enjoy being able to play on the field too.

Last fall Orem Youth Soccer decided that they wanted a new logo. They held a contest and let everyone submit their ideas, Derek put together a few different ideas and submitted them. We never heard anything back about it until this spring when Derek got a phone call telling him that he had won the logo contest! He won tickets to a Salt Lake Real soccer game, and his new logo is already being displayed at the soccer fields.

Derek's logo is shown on the left side of this sign.

It has been a great season, and the kids are already looking forward to fall when soccer will be starting up again.


Malinovka said...

GREAT shots!! Loved all those photos. That's so awesome that Derek's logo won! Way to go Ethan and Julia on a great year! Maybe they can get our kids into soccer--I know Mierae would do great, but she says she doesn't like all the other kids trying to get the ball. :)

Kristen said...

That's so cool that Derek won the logo contest!