Sunday, May 29, 2011

Spring Break part 1: Mesa Verde

For spring break this year we decided to do a road trip with some friends. Chase decided not to sleep the night before we left so we had a little trouble getting up the morning of our trip, but somehow we dragged ourselves out of bed and headed to Colorado. The kids cooperated as well as could be expected on the looooong drive, but we were all glad to finally make it to the camping area.

Our first view of Cortez, Colorado

The next morning we ate a quick breakfast and headed up to Mesa Verde. Before we left the kids were playing at the campground playground and Ethan was spinning around and around on a tire swing. Evedently it upset his stomach, and halfway up the mountain Ethan got sick. We had to stop and clean him up, and clean up the car. We drove back down to the campsite and had him take a quick shower in the trailer and change his clothes, and we headed back up.

The first area that we stopped at was the Spruce Tee House which had a quick little hike down to some ruins. Being able to get up so close to the houses the Native Americans built into the cliffs was something we'll never forget!

We were all able to climb down a ladder into a kiva. Inside was a small round room which was used for a ceremonial chamber.

Julia and Caden tried out the corn grinding stones

We stopped and ate lunch, and then headed to our scheduled hike to the Cliff Palace. This hike was a little more difficult with some really steep areas.

We had a guide on this hike and we weren't able to explore as freely as we had on the previous hike, but it was still really neat.

It was really remarkable that they were able to construct these buildings into the side of the cliff without any of the modern equipment that we have today.

Back at the campsite Chase loved seeing (and feeding) the horses!

The kids all slept in the tent the first night besides Chase, and the adults slept in the trailer. On the second night it was a lot colder and we all squeezed into the trailer.

The kids had a great set-up in the tent

The next morning we headed back to Utah, but the trip wasn't over yet...

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