Monday, March 3, 2008

Harry Potter wands

A few months ago we were at the mall with the kids and they convinced us to go into the toy store. Of course we didn't leave empty-handed. Ethan got Yugioh cards, a new obsession of his, and Julia got a Harry Potter look-alike wand. When we got home Ethan convinced Julia to let him use her wand, and unfortunately he ended up accidentally breaking it. We glued it but it broke again today, so we decided to make our own Harry Potter wands. A friend of mine made some this past summer with her kids and they looked very authentic, so we gave it a try. The instructions are here. The kids had a great time making them, and they turned out pretty well!

Ethan made a Voldemort wand, and Julia made a Harry Potter wand.

Here they are close up. If you click on this you can see the details better.

We found another kind of Harry Potter wand that we tried out tonight. The kids, of course, now have to watch Harry Potter. :)

These are the newest ones that we made. These are made from paper, glue, and paint!!

And the kids wanted a picture with them all together. They are very cool!


Malinovka said...

Those are fun wands! Mierae just uses a kitchen spoon or something when she wants to play Harry Potter. She loves saying, "Alohamora!" and "Lumos!" And we love hearing her say it! :)

Happy Wanderers said...

Oh, I'd love to know how to make those!! Josh just saw Harry Potter for the first time a couple of weeks ago, and he goes around with sticks (as they are plentiful here) saying, "Wingardium Leviosa"! And telling us that he's making Claire fly! :) We're currently reading Harry Potter as our bedtime story! :)