Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Quentin!!

Today is Quentin's 26th birthday, happy birthday Quen! Everyone was telling him that he was old. I say he's not, he better not be since I'm 5 1/2 years older than him! Here's Quen and Sharisse at dinner.

Quen with a birthday book from Grandma Hill.

This we all went in on, but mostly he bought it himself.

And we even got a shot of the whole fam before we all had to leave.

This is a picture Julia took of the remainder of the birthday cake. :)

We hope you had a great birthday Quentin!!!

*****And those who want to see some of Char's bridal pictures can look here. They turned out great!


Malinovka said...

Thanks for posting about Q's b-day AND about Char's bridals!! I was so happy to see pics of both! Doesn't my tiara just look great on Char?! :)

Happy Wanderers said...

Thank you for posting all these family events!! We are missing out on so much, and are so sad about it!!!!!!!! :( I wish we could be there for Char's wedding...thanks for posting that link to her pics! She is so beautiful!!! That's your tiara, Robyn? Pretty!! :)