Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas party and Temple Square

The annual Hendriksen Christmas party is normally on Christmas Eve, but sadly I think that will be changing. This year it was on the 22nd. It was snowing the whole way up and we were a little nervous, but thankfully we all made it up safely.

At the party- Daphne, Ethan, Kristen, Melodie, Charlotte, Rosie, Julia

We headed to Temple Square to see the lights after the majority of the party was over.

We got to see the last presentation of the nativity program; we were glad that we weren't too late to see it.

I was going to get some photos of all of us inside temple square but just as I was ready to take the picture the lights went out. They are definitely prompt, lights go off right at 10pm.

At least the lights were still on at the Main Street plaza just East of the temple.

Our group: Derek, Ethan, Rosie, Julia, Kristen, Charlotte, Andrew
(Daphne in the stroller and Melodie taking the picture)

And our little family in front of the temple.

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Malinovka said...

I love your family pics in front of the temple!! I'm glad you guys always do that after the family party. That pic with almost all of you in red was so cute!