Tuesday, January 5, 2010

School Christmas Program

The Christmas program at the school is probably the most attended function of the year, so I try to get there early to get a good seat. This year my mom and sister Melodie were coming to the program with my nephews and niece-- Josh, Claire, Andrew, and Peter, but they needed a ride. I got ready as quickly as I could and went over to pick them up. We got to the school at 8:40, twenty minutes before the program started, and it was already crowded in the gym. Oh well!

I was lucky though, I still had a good view of Ethan and Julia from where I was sitting.
So for anyone who's interested, here's a sample of the program.

These first two are of Ethan, he's wearing a red shirt and is in the bottom row towards the middle.

These second two are of Julia, she's in a red shirt and is in one of the middle rows and her hair is pulled back.

The kids last day of school was the 22nd. I was thinking that was really late to start Christmas break but it ended up saving me since I wasn't able to get anything done until that week because of hundreds of Christmas orders. I was lucky that I had done some shopping online or I really would have been in trouble.

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Malinovka said...

I'm excited to show these to the kids tomorrow!