Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hill Aerospace Museum

Last month we stopped by the Hill Aerospace Museum on our way home from Idaho.
I'd always wanted to take the kids there, but hadn't wanted to make the long drive.

There were some really amazing planes!

I don't think the kids understood the historical importance of most things in the museum, but they did enjoy getting to look at all the different kinds of aircraft featured there.

There was so much to look at outside too, but we didn't really want to stay out in the snow too long so we took a look and left pretty quickly.

I'm glad that we stopped by, since we were already in the area.
And admission? Free! You've gotta love that!


Holly said...

I'm just like you and have always wanted to go there but don't ever want to drive up there! I guess I should make the effort though because it looks like fun and something my kids would enjoy!

Christensen's said...

Jed and I went there once before we had kids. I would like to go again and take Kempton because I think he would love it. Cute pictures of your family!

Brenda said...

Wow I didn't realize there was an area to go see like that. We saw some stuff similar to this on a trip we made a couple years ago in Nebraska. My kids enjoyed that so maybe we will have to make our way up there. You guys look cute in your pictures. You look like you had a lot of fun.