Tuesday, August 10, 2010

4 month stats

So I'm getting way behind in my blog posts, but Chase had his 4 month checkup last week.
He is now 16 lbs 2 oz which is in the 85th percentile
and 26 inches long which is in the 90th percentile.
He's a big guy, everyone thinks he's 6 months old.

At the doctor's office we were waiting for the doctor to come in and Chase was letting out these cute little screams. The nurse came in and told us that she just couldn't give him his shots, he was just way too happy. He did start getting fussy at the end because it was naptime so she came in and quickly gave him his 3 shots. Poor little guy screamed when she stuck him but he stopped pretty quickly, and he went right to sleep as soon as we got in the car.

Here's a sample of his screaming, lol:

He certainly gets plenty of attention around here!

A few days ago I propped him up in the recliner in his room for a few pictures.

I got this sweet smile...

And then he was DONE!

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Malinovka said...

He is SO cute!! I LOVE those smiley pics you got! Thanks for everything while we were out; we miss you guys already and hope the rest of your summer is great.