Monday, August 30, 2010


The week before school started we decided to finish off our summer with a bang.
We started by going to Lagoon!

When we first got there we hit Lagoon A Beach.
We tried putting Chase in his floaty seat,
but he still isn't too fond of it yet.
I put him in the water sling
and he liked that much better.
Derek and I walked around the lazy river once
and Chase fell asleep.
So Derek took Ethan and Julia on some water slides,
and I hung out on a beach chair
(which was just fine with me).

Chase's nap ended up not lasting long,
and Ethan came over to entertain him
while Derek and Julia found some more serious water slides.

After a couple of hours in the water park we decided we were ready for some regular Lagoon rides. Derek and I switched off on rides. Sometimes they let us do a "baby exchange" and one of us would ride and then the other.

Char and Andrew met us that afternoon so we were able to trade off holding the babies on some rides with them too.

Last year when we went to Lagoon I was pregnant with Chase and couldn't go on any good rides, so it was great getting to ride the roller coasters again this time.
We had such a fun time!

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Malinovka said...

FUN! A great way to end summer! That's fun that Char and Andrew met up with you too.