Saturday, August 28, 2010

Pass of all passes

We just got a great deal and I wanted to share it with all of you just in case you want to take advantage of it too! We purchased the "pass of all passes" from CityDeals (link below) and for an entire year we'll be able to go to Seven Peaks, Trafalga (both locations), Orem Owlz games, and Utah Flash games for free! City Deals mailed us tickets and we had to go to the Seven Peaks office to redeem them and to get photo ids. Even Chase got a "tadpole" id card, it's super cute! Here's the details:

Seven Peaks "Pass of All Passes!"
WOW! City Deals & Seven Peaks have teamed up to bring you a 4 pack Seven Peaks Pass of All Passes- This is an amazing sale for a set of 4 passes to the following venues:

Seven Peaks Waterpark
-- Unlimited admission on days of normal operation
-- A 3% discount on food in the park

Trafalga Fun Center, Orem
-- Unlimited Mini Golf
-- Unlimited Slick Track
-- Unlimited XD Theater
-- Unlimited Batting Cages
-- Does not include arcade tokens

Trafalga Fun Center, Lehi (formerly Liberty Land)
-- Unlimited Mini Golf
-- Unlimited Laser Tag
-- Unlimited Slick Track
-- Unlimited Bumper Boats
-- Unlimited Rush Coaster
-- Unlimited Rock Climbing
-- Unlimited Carousel
-- Unlimited Frog Hopper
-- Unlimited Kiddie Area
-- Unlimited Pirate Ship
-- Unlimited Train & Airplane
-- Unlimited Mini Track
-- Unlimited Drop Tower
(Does not include arcade tokens)

Orem Owlz Games (at Brent Brown Ballpark)
-- Unlimited General Admission Tickets(one ticket per home game per pass)

Utah Flash Games (at McKay Events Center)
-- Unlimited General Admission Tickets(one ticket per home game per pass)

You get 4 of these passes for only $139.95! That's only $34.99 a person! Normally a pass like this would cost $440.00. So, you're really being rewarded for thinking ahead and you will be able to use it right away. This pass is good until Labor Day 2011! Wow- a whole year of admission to 5 venues for 4 people. This is a steal!


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Hansens said...

Is it a limit of 4 passes? We have 6 people, but wondered how that worked.

Rosalynn said...

No, there's not a limit. They do have an option to buy 2 tickets, and single tickets too, but I think they're not quite as cheap.