Monday, August 30, 2010

Jordanelle & Antelope Island

We finished off the week before school
with a fun little family reunion with my parents and some of my siblings.
Derek had really wanted to go boating or jet skiing all summer.
He found a place to rent them either from Deer Creek or Jordanelle.
We opted for Jordanelle because we were able to reserve a condo nearby.

It was beautiful-- a perfect day to be on the water.

And there was a shady spot with picnic tables so we could keep Chase out of the sun.

Derek and I went out with Julia and she was so excited.
As soon as we pulled out of the "no wake zone"
he got going pretty fast.
Julia kept yelling "Yes!! I love this!!!"
Ethan preferred going a little slower.

We took turns on the wave runner,
and the rest of us waited on the dock, the beach, or at the tables in the shade.

It was so much fun, we think we'll have to do it again next year.

My Dad had really been wanting to go to Antelope Island, so the next day we all went.
There were some enormous spiders-- not my favorite thing!
We went to Buffalo Point and had a picnic.
There was an overlook there with a gorgeous view of the Great Salt Lake
but if you went to the edge the wind nearly blew you over.
Ethan got a bug in his water so he tried to dump his cup out over the side
and the wind blew the whole thing right back at him, lol.

My Dad, Derek, and Julia took the trail up to the very top,
and they said there was even more wind up there,
but the view was great.

On our way out we saw lots of people at the beach area.
Derek was going to go jump in but decided not to
because we had to get back to Orem for Julia's best friend's birthday party.

It was such a fun weekend-- the perfect way to end the summer.

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Malinovka said...

I can't believe you did this AFTER we left!! :) Looks like everyone had a ton of fun. GREAT pics...of everything! Hope the school year has started out well and you're getting what you wanted to get done.