Saturday, June 21, 2008

Family Reunion in Wallsburg

So we did make it to the reunion, despite the strange turn in the middle of Wallsburg to stay on the Main Canyon Road, and it was lots of fun. We didn't stay overnight, but we still had a great time seeing everyone! We did miss those of you who weren't able to make it though! Some pics from Friday night:

The game table.

The other end of the game table.

Andrew, Kristen, and Char gettig dinner.

Ethan playing ladderball. I was lucky to get this shot, he kept running from me when I had the camera out.

Julia started running from the camera too after she saw Ethan doing it, but I finally convinced her (or threatened her?) to let me take this picture. This is the frisbee she was playing with.

A shot at sunset.

Another sunset shot.

Julia roasting marshmallows.


Note Julia's BYU hat and shirt-- Aunt Char complimented her on them and she said "Dad plays for them", lol, and when Aunt Char told her that she went to school there Julia said, "You played basketball?" Apparently BYU is just a school for sports in Julia's eyes, and when Dad goes to play basketball at the church on Thursday nights he plays for BYU.

Ethan looking for bugs. (No, he didn't know I took this picture.)

My cute Grandpa and Grandma.

Thanks everyone for a great night!

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Heather said...

Great pictures, that sunset looks cool, I didn't even notice the beauty of that when I was up there! Thanks for sharing!