Friday, June 6, 2008

Our first fieldtrip of the summer

In an effort to combat boredom this summer, and to get out of the house, we have one fieldtrip a week planned. Today's was to Chuck E. Cheese's. This is a place I avoid at all costs, but when the kids and I sat down to plan our fieldtrips they really wanted to go, so I relented. After all, they ask to go there every single Saturday and we always say no, so I figured it wouldn't kill me to take them there once. And it was the first fieldtrip so I could get it out of the way! They each got only 10 tokens but they learned to make them last a bit longer by sharing rides, and going on the slide and climbing areas. (The ball pit is now gone, they were a bit sad but I didn't mind.)

The kids had a fun time, and it wasn't too awful for me.
If any of you would like to join us on one of our fieldtrips just let me know! Here are some things we are planning on doing this summer:
Scera Summer movies
Orem Summerfest and parade (Does anyone want to sit with us? The parade is June 14th at 7pm. I put out blankets the day before to save our spot and I'll put an extra one out if anyone wants to join us.)
Orem Library
BYU Bean Museum
Nielson's Grove Park by the Orem Walmart
Salt Lake Children's Museum
Lunch and play at the Carl's Jr play area
See the animals at the pet store and then to Sonic
Scera Pool
Provo wilderness park to feed the ducks
And we're always open to new ideas if you have a great one!


Malinovka said...

What a great idea!! I should be doing that with my girls too, even though it's like summer all year round anyway! Ha! We'll end up going to the zoo a lot because we just bought a membership. Your ideas sound so fun! Maybe next summer when we're out there we can do some of those things with you. Thanks for the great ideas!

Laurel said...

When are you planning to go to the Children's Museum? We may want to join you for that if our schedules happen to work.... LMK, okay? love, Laurel

Christa said...

All of those things sound like a lot of fun. You're brave to even try Chuck E Cheese. My kids would have to beg and be perfect for a month. I would have to load up on Excedrin, have a nap and meditate before going so that I could feel like I'd handle it.

JAMIE RBZ said...

What great activities planned, Rosie!! And the fact that you braved Chuck E Cheese shows your true devotion and love for your children. :) Jarom is ALWAYS asking to go there.