Tuesday, June 3, 2008

We had a surprise visitor this week!

The tooth fairy!!! For quite a long time now Julia has been looking forward to her first loose tooth. When Ethan was losing teeth 3 years ago and getting money from the tooth fairy she kept asking "When will I get a loose tooth?" This year in Kindergarten she had lots of friends who lost teeth and were visited by the tooth fairy but she had to patiently sit by and watch, it seemed that her teeth were not ready yet. Last week she took a bite of her dinner and told me that her tooth hurt. I looked at it, and it was loose!! She has been wiggling it ever since. Monday night, with my parents and sisters over for family home evening, it fell out! She had a hard time falling asleep that night in her anticipation for the tooth fairy's arrival, and she was thrilled the next morning to find a $1 bill in her tooth fairy pillow.
She's growing up!


Christa said...

Cameron's working on losing his second tooth "naturally". The first "lost" one had to be pulled out by the dentist when he was four. He fell, chipped it and it started to abscess. He lost the second a couple of months ago. If he can ever get this one out, it will be #3.

Malinovka said...

Hooray for the tooth fairy! Hopefully we'll get a good one at our house when the time comes. :) Such a cute shot of Julia with her tooth!