Tuesday, June 24, 2008

First BBQ of the summer

It is finally summer here, it's even a bit hot! You're all shocked, I know. So last night we had a family home evening barbeque at our house. Derek gave a great lesson on how sticking together with our family will make us stronger. (Has anyone seen The Straight Story? He got the idea from that.) He gave us all small twigs and asked us to break them. We did it easily. Then he passed around a bundle of twigs and asked if we could break those, none of us could. He talked about how our family is there to support us and help us through the good and the bad, and if we stick together and help each other then we can't be "broken". It was a great object lesson and the kids actually paid attention!

It was a great night, and it was so fun being outside in the evening without freezing or having to wear a jacket!!!

Yay for summer!

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Christa said...

I think it's great that your family is so close. It's nice that you do things like this together. We haven't always been that great and consistent with FHE. It's been something that we've really started focusing on and working hard at. We've done it every week for the past 3. It's a new record for us.