Thursday, July 10, 2008


How do you know it’s bedtime at our house?
Suddenly the children who have been ready to kill each other *all * day * long are suddenly getting along and actually playing nicely together! Or suddenly they’re willing to clean their rooms, practice the piano, or do that book report they keep putting off.

What do you think—maybe they’re trying to put off bedtime?


Malinovka said...

It is EXACTLY the same way for us! Mierae all of a sudden decides she wants to play on her own and doesn't have to be entertained. Then she's hungry. Then she's thirsty. Then she all of a sudden decides to play with toys she hasn't played with in weeks. Yep, we know how it goes. :)

JAMIE RBZ said...

that is so funny, it is amazing what motivation comes out when trying to avoid bedtime!