Saturday, July 5, 2008

A sad story

So most of you know that we went to St George last weekend. We had a great time!!! We went hiking at Zion National Park for 2 days, went swimming nearly every day, and enjoyed spending time as a family. We even played Monopoly with the kids and Julia beat us all within an hour! We went shopping at the outlet stores too. ***Oh, if any of you have a Children's Place outlet near you then it is a great time to go, we got jeans for Julia for $3 each, dress shirts for Ethan for $2 and $3, dress pants for Ethan for $2, great deals!
Anyway, we took hundreds of pictures, and on our way back from our last hike at Zion's, the hike where we walked down the river a few miles to see the Narrows, I tried to take a picture of the kids and my camera said "Memory Card error". I tried to view the photos on the memory card and it said NONE!!! My parents' cardreader told us the card was unreadable. At the moment my memory card is with my Dad, he is trying to see if he can get the photos off of it. Currently he thinks it may be possible, but he doesn't have the software to do it. Anyone ever had this problem? I am so frustrated with this, but I will add lots of great pictures if we are ever able to recover them.

So, here are all of my pictures from Zion's (I stuck in my spare memory card after the error, so this was our last day):

On the shuttle.

And what do you all call this? A Mesa? A plateau? In school I had learned to call it a plateau, but Derek calls it a Mesa.
Hopefully I'll be adding another post in the future about all of our fun!

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