Saturday, July 26, 2008

Some really fun children's books

Every night my kids listen to books on tape or cd as they're laying in bed ready to fall asleep. This started as a way to keep them in their beds at night, and now they insist they can't fall asleep without them. We own some but they quickly get bored of those, so we frequently check new ones out from the library. They end up liking some of them, and others not so much.

So it was quite by accident that we ended up checking out the tape "Sophie's Tom" by Dick King-Smith. The kids loved this one and we ended up checking out all the other Sophie tapes we could find. They are about a young girl named Sophie who wants to be a "lady farmer" and they are full of fun and mischief. These books have been referred to as the British Junie B Jones books. A few of them weren't available on tape so we found the books in the library and checked them out and I read them to the kids for bedtime stories. Since the author is British the books are harder to come by in the US, but I was lucky enough to find some used ones on Amazon and now we own the complete collection. The series goes in this order: Sophie's Snail, Sophie's Tom, Sophie Hits Six, Sophie in the Saddle, Sophie is Seven, Sophie's Lucky. Or you can get the first 3 books together in Sophie's Adventures, and the second 3 together in Sophie's Further Adventures.

If you're looking for some fun books for 1st to 3rd graders these are great!

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